Typical Application:
Fittings include high and medium pressure lines on diesel and gasoline engines, and industrial, construction, agricultural and testing equipment.

Three- piece Design – Body, nut, and sleeve. Fitting Connection fittings have a free floating sleeve which aligns the flare to the seat automatically, acts as a lock washer, supports the tube and restrains vibration, does not rotate during assembly so there is no twisting or wiping of flare. The standard 37o flare angle make for a highly efficient sealing surface. 

Performance data:
Vibration – have excellent vibration resistance during sever operating conditions
Leakproof – precision-engineered fitting perform withstand leakage under the most extreme pressures. Elbows, tees, and crosses are machined from forging or brazed bar stock – straight parts from bar stock.
Pressure - performs within recommended ranges suggested by all the tubing manufacturers (up to 10,000 PSI proof pressure depending on tube size.)
Temperature – fittings temperature ranges from -65o F to 400o F at a maximum operating pressure.
Finish - Fittings have a zinc plate with a black chromate dip.

S.A.E. Standard
A.S.M.E. Standard

Assembly Instructions

Assembly: once the assembly is made as outlined below, only a small wrench in needed for make-up and maintenance work, a feature which is particularly advantageous in close quarters. Fitting Connection fittings are easily disassembled and can be reassembled repeatedly, for a leakproof connection.

1. Cut tubing off with a tube cutter. If a fine blade hacksaw is to be used, make sure the cutoff is square. Remove all burrs with a deburring tool, fine file or emery paper. Care shod be take not to nick the end of tubing since these may cause longitudinal splits. 
2. Slide the nut and then the sleeve on the tube. Threaded end of nut and collar of sleeve must face out (this is the end that will be flared).
3. Flare end of tubing with flaring tube. Be sure to check the flare for proper diameter and excessive thin out. On thin wall tubing, use double flare to prevent pinch-off.
4. Clamp the tube flare between sleeve and nose of fitting body by screwing the nut on hand tight. Tighten assembly with wrench for a leakproof connection. 

Straight Thread O-Ring Fittings


1. Lubricate “O” ring with a light application of light oil or petrolatum, and install back-up washer and “O” ring to the extreme rear end of the groove as shown in figure 1 above.  Turn locknut down until it just contacts the backup ring. 
2. Holding fitting and locknut in position, install the fitting into the straight thread boss until the metal backup washer contacts the face of the boss as shown in figure 2 above. 
3. Position the fitting by turning out (counterclockwise) up to one turn.