n Sleeve 50 Sleeves Pre Packaged

Photo of a n Sleeve 50 Sleeves Pre Packaged
Fitting Connection Part # 392152
Manufacturer Part # 60-5PP
Price $0.27 / each
Condition/Availability New, In-Stock, Most Items Ship Within 24 hours

Category Inserts and Sleeves - Brass & PVC Fittings
Sub-Category Compression Sleeve
Sub-Sub-Category Compression Sleeve (60) Yellow Brass
Item Description n Sleeve 50 Sleeves Pre Packaged
O.D. Tube 5/16
Length 0.25
Prepack 100 pcs/bag
Meets Standard SAE 060115
Material Yellow Brass
Manufacturing Process Extruded

What is the difference between Brass Sleeves 60 and 260?  Why two different numbers for these CA360 Brass parts that look to be the same?

Two Reasons:

Lead free brass looks the same as yellow or CA360 Brass.


The parts may look the same, but they are not.

The 60 part numbers are built to the manufacture’s standard while the 260 part numbers are built to the Society of Automotive Engineer’s SAE standards.  SAE Standard creates interchangeability between brass parts from multiple manufacturers.  Every aspect of the brass part built to this standard is suppose to be interchangeable.  When one places the interchangeable (260) part on copper tubing, plastic pipe, a PVC pipe, a male pipe thread or female pipe thread, one knows the part is going to fit.   When one uses the 60 part numbers, the manufacturer may have made the party a little shorter or thinner or changed something in the manufacturing process to lower the cost and make it more attractive to the buyer.