Selection of the proper Fitting Connection components for the required application is critical for safe and proper operation of related equipment.

Improper selection and installation of components for the required application can result in leakage, bursting, cracking or other failure which could cause serious bodily injury resulting in death or property damage from leaking liquids or airborne projectiles. 

In order to avoid serious bodily injury or property damage, you should fully understand the information contained in this catalog before making a final component selection. Key factors involved in the proper selection of components are:

  •   Application

  •   Installation Procedures

  •   Tube Size

  •   Fitting Size/Dimension

  •   Operating Pressure

  •   Temperature

  •   Compatibility

  •   Vibration

  •   Corrosion Potential

Correct installation of component to tubing is critical to the safe operation of equipment. Incorrect installation may result in damage to equipment.  Incorrect installation may result in damage to equipment, property, or create a hazardous environment that could result in serious injury or death.  To avoid such potential situations you should always carefully review application information contained on this website. Some risk factors that should be considered before proceeding with any installation are:

  •   Friction, Abrasion, or Excessive Vibration

  •   Twisting or Kinks in Tubing

  •   Stress

  •   Extreme Temperature Environments

Tubing Characteristics

Varying characteristics in tubing such as material, metallurgic content, finish, and assembly procedures may inhibit the sealing ability of the connection.  Due to the vast differences in assembly techniques each component assembly should be tested to verify sealing and holding power. Over tightening or under tightening can result in component failure, which may cause serious property damage or bodily injury. Please refer to the assembly information contained this website for further instruction.

Component Dimensions

Fitting Connection fittings and valves described in this catalog my not incorporate ongoing changes made to improve component performance. We reserve the right to substitute a functional equivalent at any time that may not meet the exact dimensional requirements of each customer.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding your dimensional requirements of a component please contact our technical sales support staff at 913-706-6117

We reserve the right to make ongoing changes to our fittings to improve quality, customer satisfaction and component performance. Please contact our technical sales support staff if you have critical dimensional standard requirements.