Typical Application:
Include all types of high pressure hydraulic fluids and lines, and pneumatic systems.  Fittings are compact in size, have excellent wrench pads and come in a broad selection of styles and sizes.



Pipe Threads:
With Fitting Connections Dryseal threads the roots and crests make contact before flanks of the threads engage, preventing spiral clearance that normally occurs in the American standard thread while Dryseal threads are designed to provide a tight joint, a compatible lubricant is recommended in assembling to minimize galling and assuring a pressure tight seal.

Performance Data:
Vibration- fittings have excellent vibration resistance during sever operating conditions.
Leakproof – fittings are machined from the highest trade of leaded steel, withstand leakage under the most extreme pressures.
Pressure range – fittings perform within recommended ranges suggested by all the pipe manufacturers. (15,000 PSI burst pressure in sizes 1-1/4”; 10,000 PSI burst pressure in sizes 1-1/2 and larger; 3,000 PSI operating pressures.)
Temperature- temperature ranges are from -65o F to 400o F at maximum operating pressures.
Finish- fittings have bright zinc plate finish with a clear chromate finish.

N.P.T.F Specifications